The Ultimate Natural Gift Guide For Mums and Kids

The ultimate natural gift guide for mums and kids infographic

If you have a friend or family member who’s into healthy living and this person needs a gift, look no further.

Maybe your friend or a family member has kids who also need gifts.

Well, you’re in the right place because in this post we are diving into the ultimate natural gift guide for mums and kids.

The Ultimate Natural Gift Guide for Mums and Kids

For Babies

Natural Teethers

Most baby teethers at the store are either plastic or non-food grade silicone.

Go with wood like this Wooden Forest Teething Toys for a safe and natural gift guide alternative.

Cloth Diapers

This Anmababy 4-pack cloth diaper starter pack is great for a new mama. They are eco-friendly, cheaper than disposable diapers, and healthier for baby.

If you chose this option, pair it with these Organic Cotton Cloth Diaper Inserts.

The manufacturing companies that make most cloth diaper inserts use microfiber material. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber laced with toxic chemicals. Organic cotton is a safer and natural option and a great add-on if you chose to give cloth diapers as a gift.

Organic Cotton Onesies

The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs anything on its surface. Go for natural organic cotton.

This 5-pack organic cotton onesie set by Burt’s Bees Baby is a great one to try.

Non-toxic Wipes


Did you know that the average baby goes through 10-12 wipes a day? Wipes are some of the most toxic, chemical-laden baby products people use.

These Water Wipes are almost entirely made with water and a little natural soapberry.

For Kids ages 2-4

Next up we’re looking at kids ages 2-4 years. First up, sippy cups.

Non-Toxic Sippy Cup

Most sippy cups are either plastic or BPA-free plastic (which still has BPS). Both of these chemicals can cause disease and disrupt optimal healthy function.

This Stainless Steel sippy cup is a non-toxic option and great for naturally minded parents.

Non-Plastic Toys

Most toys on the market are made of plastic. Children ages 2-4 tend to put things in their mouths. Plastic could lead to chemical toxicity and some of these chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption in humans.

Go for natural wooden toys when it comes to toys like this Wooden Train Set or this Wooden Car Set.

Natural Training Plate

BPA and even BPS are chemicals that may cause hormonal development problems and overload the system with toxins.

This Bamboo Baby Suction Plate is a perfect non-toxic option for feeding time. Bamboo is also easy to clean and 100% natural.

Now on to mama’s natural gift ideas.

For Mum

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are therapeutic, not to mention beneficial for your health and mood. An oil diffuser can make a great gift for busy mamas who need time to unwind at the end of a busy day.

This Glass Essential Oil Diffuser has a pretty glass cover which I prefer to plastic or bamboo.

EMF Blocker

Electric and Magnetic field radiation interferes with cell regeneration and cell health. One of the biggest culprit for EMF radiation exposure are cell phones. So an easy way to reduce EMF exposure from cell phones is to use a faraday bag or EMF blocking bag.

This Faraday Bag is perfect for mums on the go and makes a great gift.

Non-toxic Cookware

Toxic cookware is harmful to health. That’s why I only recommend a few types of cookware.

This Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven isn’t just beautiful to look at it, it’s completely versatile meaning you can cook with it on the stovetop or pop it straight into the oven. It’s perfect for stews, soups, and even baking bread. Oh, and it’s made from natural and non-toxic material.

The Instant Pot

I have to say, this is a gift worth giving (and receiving).  The Instant Pot has become a kitchen must-have in my kitchen. This pot can have potatoes ready to mash in 7 minutes, fresh and fluffy quinoa in 1 minute (yet 1 minute!), meat stock in a few hours, soups, and stews in half an hour or so, and you can even roast a chicken or make yogurt.

I first found this pot when I was looking for a non-toxic cooker to replace my slow cooker.

This pot will make weeknight dinners so much easier and less stressful.

Glass Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key. Hydration helps with flushing out toxins and cleansing the system. That’s why having a water bottle is a good way to remember to drink throughout the day.

This Glass Water Bottle is made from glass and has a natural bamboo and stainless steel lid. It’s protective and made from non-toxic material.

Essential Oils Car Diffuser

This essential oils car diffuser will change the way car rides go. If you have kids who get car sick easily or just need a pick-me-up while driving look no further.

Essential oils naturally purify the air and lift the mood. This makes a sweet gift for any natural mama on the go.

Wrapping up

When it comes to gift-giving, natural gift ideas for mums and kids doesn’t have to be hard.

A general rule of thumb is if it’s natural or promotes wellness, it’s a great gift option!

Did you find this guide helpful? Anything I should add? Let me know in the comments below!

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