Author: Noura

Magnesium salt flakes in a white bowl with a wooden spoon and blue glass bottle in the background

5 Ways Salt Water Can Help With Eczema

Can salt water help with eczema? Salt has long been known as an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and healing agent. When it comes to eczema, salt can be extremely helpful before an itch attack comes on....

DIY Eczema cream in a dark glass amber jar taken from a bird's eye view

DIY Eczema Cream For Babies and Toddlers

I can’t tell you how luxurious this simple homemade eczema cream feels on the skin. The main ingredient, mango butter, gives it the most custard-like creamy consistency. How To Make Your Own DIY Eczema...

Dark Chocolate Granola on a tablespoon over a bowl with a jar of granola and ajar of milk in the background

Dark Chocolate Raw Soaked Granola

Wholesome, nutritious, and delicious, this dark chocolate raw soaked granola is easy to make and way healthier than what you could buy at the store. Because it’s not just about using organic or natural...