How To Protect Your Family from EMF

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Have you wondered how to protect your family from EMF radiation?

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I once had a conversation with someone who didn’t believe that Electromagnetic Frequency exposure did any harm to the body.

While it’s true that most people don’t recognize the obvious debilitating symptoms of EMF exposure, the truth is, high amounts of EMF levels can be harmful to our health.

In fact, there are countless peer reviewed scientific studies that have shown clear links between radiation and cancer, infertility and DNA damage in babies, as well as other illness.

But before we talk about how to protect your family from EMF, let’s define ‘EMF’.

What is EMF and how is it harmful to our health?

The acronym EMF stands for ‘Electric and Magnetic Fields’. These fields are invisible paths of energy that flow in and all around us within their energy range. This energy is known as radiation.

There are natural and man-made forms of radiation such as radiation from the sun versus that from electricity.

There are 2 types of EMF radiation:

1. Non-Ionizing radiation: low levels of radiation that doesn’t seem harmless to humans

2. Ionizing radiation: high levels of radiation that can cause damage to human DNA and cells

For the purpose of this article we are going to focus on non-ionizing radiation. Types of non-ioninzing radiation include cellular, WiFi, microwaves, UV light, infrared light, visible and laser light and radio waves.

Although non-ionizing radiation doesn’t seem harmful to humans, constant exposure to these levels have been proven to cause cellular damage.

There are over 1000 studies that have shown that constant exposure to this type of radiation can be harmful to mammals.

So how can we as parents protect our kids from EMF exposure?

Here are 5 simple ways to protect your family from EMF radiation

1. Don’t let babies and toddlers play with cell phones and tablets

The screen is addicting. I say that from experience. When my husband and I had our first child we let her have ipad time when she was a toddler which turned into an addiction we had to cut her off from before it spiraled out of control.

You can read about that story here.

Cell phones and tablets can increase the risk of addiction because they are so stimulating to a child’s developing brain. This high amount of stimulation is something a child’s brain cannot handle so everything else around them will seem boring.

These devices also emit levels of radiation that can be a cause for concern. The most important factor here to consider is that smaller people absorb more of that radiation. This makes children a group of people who shouldn’t spend much, if any, time on these devices.

2. Hardwire your home

Hardwiring your home is one way to reduce the radiation levels experienced from WiFi routers. WiFi routers emit a lot of radiation. Many times greater than what is recomended as safe for humans.

Harwiring your home is simply connecting your devices through ethernet cables. If you do a lot of work on a computer and use the internet a lot then this is a viable option.

3. Get rid of smart devices that aren’t necessary

People are opting for smart, hands free devices more and more these days. From wireless headphones, to smart electrical grids, our need for higher amonts of radiation through frequencies has grown exponencially.

What do I mean by this? The more wireless devices you have and use on a day to day basis, the more radiation you will expose yourself and your family to.

Let’s look at some of the biggest culprits:

Microwave ovens: microwaves emit high amount of radiation in order to heat the food. Not only are they harmful to our health but they destroy our food! The process of heating the food renders the food devoid of any nutrition by destroying the fragile vitamins and phytonuntrients found naturally in food.

Baby monitors: these can be dangerous becuase most people don’t know that these emit any radiation at all! The truth is they emit some of the highest levels of radiation of all of the devices that parents and families normally use.

4. Limit or completely eliminate screentime

Screentime can be addictive because its very stimulating to the brain. Try to keep screentime to the time of the day when they are most awake like mornings and early afternoons.

If limiting screentime isn’t an option consider eliminating screentime altogether. This may require a little effort and resolve but it can be done. We did this in our family and it’s really made a difference in our child. You can read about that story here.

How to protect your family from EMF through nutrition

If there’s one simple way to ensure your family’s heath it’s through nutrition.

1. Zinc

Zinc is a mineral coomonly found in foods like lamb, oysters and sesame seeds. When it comes to immune system health and for making the proteins responsible for buidling the DNA of cells, zinc is an important mineral.

Since EMF exposure effects us down to our cells, zinc is an important mineral to consume. This study shows that zinc supplementation can eleviate negative effects of continuous exposure to low frequency radiation.

If you’re looking for a good zinc supplement this whole foods Zinc + Probiotics supplement is formulated without GMOs in an activated enzyme form.

2. Calcium/Magnesium

We’ve all heard how important calcium is but did you know that magnesium is just as if not more important for people these days than calcium?

That’s because calcium and magnesium work synergistically together.

What do I mean by this?

Calcium and magensium work together in the body to improve bone density and health. EMF exposure can lead to the loss of calcium, magnesium and other important minerals from cells. So these minerals need to be replenished dialy.

3. Selenium and Iodine

Just like calcium and magnesium, selenium and iodine work synergistically together. Selenium has been shown to be an important mineral for reversing the oxidative stress caused on the body by EMF exposure.

Most people are dificient in iodine today. Iodine is the mineral responsible for the health of the thyroid gland. One of the jobs this gland does is help the body repair the cells damaged by EMF as well as programming the death of diseased cells. Iodine also helps remove heavy metals from the body which can increase EMF sensitivity.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the vitamin that provides powerful antioxidants to the body. It is also the only vitamin that needs to be consumed and that cannot be generated from the body.

Since EMF exposure causes cell damage and death, vitamin C helps to eliminate free radicals that cause disease. If you want to give life and energy to your cells, vitamin C is essential to take in abundantly every day.

Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can in the widest variety possible. Look for deep and dark colours like dark leafy greens, baby bell peppers and beetroot.

Try lots of salads or juice your favourite veggies for an extra dose of vitamin C.

Summing it up

Electric and magnetic fields are all around us. We spend more time around these fields than our grandparents did and we still don’t fully realize the possible side effects of the continuous exposure.

Most people have experienced the effects of EMF radation to some degree today whether they know it or not.

Erring on the safe side is always a good policy when dealing with something new and exercising caution is wise.

Children especially need as much protection as possible becuase of their developing brains and bodies. As a parent, taking action to protect our kids from the harmful effects of EMF exposure can secure a healthier future for them and for us.

How about you? What are your thoughts of EMF radiation? Do think its effects are serious?

Let me know below!

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