3 Low Maintenance House Plants that Clean the Air

three house plants in white ceramic plant pots in front of a white curtain

People are spending more time indoors today than (probably) ever before. That’s why the quality of the air they breathe in in their homes matters.

I like to keep a window open almost all the time. The fresh air that comes in in the early hours of the morning or the calming breeze in the evening feels so good. Keeping air circulating throughout our home is important to me because indoor air pollution is a growing health risk. Having plants that naturally clean the air is another way I like to improve our indoor air quality. These 3 low maintenance house plants are a way I can keep the air clean without having to have much of a green thumb.

Where does indoor air pollution come from?

According to this article from Dr. Mercola:

“Indoor pollution may come from several different sources, including furniture, cabinetry and pollution drawn inside through your ventilation system. High temperatures and increased humidity can concentrate some pollutants inside.

Materials used to construct the building you spend your time in, and the furnishings you use in the office and at home may release gasses containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), having both short- and long-term health effects.”

Our homes today contain more objects which release gasses that can harm us if entered into the lungs and bloodstream. Harmful substances are released from things in our homes like:

  • carpets
  • furniture
  • markers
  • paint
  • household cleaning products
  • insect repellents and air fresheners

Note: commercial air fresheners are toxic. Here’s how to make a natural air freshener in 5 minutes or less!

So, What’s a Mama to do?


If I could fill our home with plants I would. Green represents life to me. I find it amazing how wise God is and I see His wisdom in nature. We were made to live and interact with nature on a daily basis and that is one of the ways we find abounding health and life.

Plants bring life into the home just the way animals as pets do, so having them around serves more than just to purify the air but for this post, we’ll look at 3 easy, low maintenance house plants that keep the air clean and pure with very little upkeep!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant in white ceramic pot in front of a white curtain





















Aloe vera is a plant that’s been used medicinally for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians would drink the juice of it’s leaves as people regarded it a sacred and healing plant as well as use its gel in beauty regimens.

Aloe vera is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and wonderful at healing wounds, cuts and burns. When Columbus sailed to the New World, it was documented that plant pots of aloe vera were on board the ships and was used to heal the wounds of those on board.

As an air purifying plant, aloe vera is a wonderful at ridding the air of formaldehyde and benzene, two byproducts of paint and cleaning products both of which pose serious health risks if exposed to continually. Formaldehyde is also a known carcinogen.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata)

snake plant in a white ceramic pot in front of a white curtain

The snake plant is most probably my favourite plant in the home. I don’t consider myself to have much of a green thumb and have been known to forget to water all our plants resulting in one or more dying plants. But, the snake plant can be forgotten for even up to a few weeks and still look green and fresh.

Ah, yes, my kind of plant.

There different varieties of the snake plant, but this one is probably the most common. The snake plant is an evergreen plant which lives for more than two years and can grow to about 2 meters or 6 feet.

I water mine whenever I see the soil dry out and as you can see, new shoots are sprouting up from the bottom, all with minimal effort! The snake plant is a really pretty plant. Not only so but it releases oxygen at night and purifies the air during daylight hours. I like to keep this one in the bedroom.

As new shoots spring up, I’ll be working on re-potting the plant into a larger pot.

Snake Plant (Futura Robusta)

A variety of the snake plant in a small white ceramic vase in front of a white curtain

There are a variety of snake plants. This one, the Futura Robusta is one of the varieties. It grows much shorter than the other types with leaves of dark dark green with a defined pattern and a little bit of silver.

In 1989 NASA conducted a Clean Air Study in order to find ways to clean the air on space stations. They complied a list of the top air-filtering plants which not only release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide but also eliminate large amounts chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde.

The snake plant made the list as one most useful at removing these harmful elements. One of the reasons for this is because the plant is naturally made to live in low-light areas so it is wonderful at acquiring light and perform photosynthesis. This makes the plant better than others at absorbing other harmful gasses.

This plant works well in either a bedroom or living/dining room area.

And there you have it! 3 really easy, low maintenance, pretty house plants that keep indoor air quality in good condition.

How about you? Do you have any plants you like to keep in your home?

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