How to make a Succulent House

This succulant house craft project is a fun one to do with little ones. Our daughter is 3 and she was able to do most of the work with little help from me.

Succulents are good plants to have around the house because they are natural air purifiers and require little to no maintenance to stay healthy. Plus, they are just so cute! I like to use plants in our home to purify the air naturally. Given how much toxins are in our air, especially in our homes, today, natural air purification systems are a good idea.

Another way I use to remove airborne toxins is by making natural air fresheners bags. You can find the tutorial for that here.

When I envisioned this craft project I wanted to make a succulent “home”. I thought that would be more fun for our little one. We found a plant box in a metal shape of a house at a local home goods and craft store which worked perfectly. If you can’t find something similar, a bowl or lined basket will do just fine.

Plant pot in the shape of a house, rocks, two succulants, potting soil

For this project you will need:

  1. A plant house, or plant box or something similar to place your succulents
  2. Some succulent plants of different types and sizes
  3. A few rocks
  4. Potting soil
  5. A spoon to transfer the soil

Step 1:

child putting small rocks into flower pot in the shape of a house

Start by placing rocks at the bottom of your plant box or bowl. We do this because succulents naturally grow in sandy soil which has a lot of natural drainage. The rocks in the box will help the water to drain quickly without rotting the roots of the plant.

Step 2:

child putting potting soil on top of rocks in a flower pot in the shape of a house

Cover the rocks with soil by about an inch or so.

Step 3:

child covering succulants with soil using a teaspoon

Remove plants from their nursery pots and place them one at a time into the soil. Depending on your child’s age, this part you may have to do as it requires careful placing and adjusting.

After the plants have been transfered start adding more potting soil whilst keeping them straight.

Step 4:

child covering two succulant plants with potting soil

Continue adding soil until it reaches the top of the box. Press all the soil down so it’s level.

Step 5:

child watering small plants with a watering can shaped like a bunny rabbit

Add a little water and press down any remaining soil.

Step 6:

child holding succulant plants in a flower pot shaped like a house

And that’s it! This project is quick and easy and most of all, fun!

Let me know in the comments if you try it!


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