How To Make Calendula Oil

dried calendula flowers in olive oil taken from above in a glass jar

Do you strugle with dry skin? Or maybe you know someone who has eczema?

Calendula oil can be a natural aid to helping the skin recover and heal.

What is Calendula?

Calendula Officinalis is a flowering garden plant commonly found around the world but native to Europe. It’s petals are edible which means you can add them to salads and baked goods for a little extra touch.

As a herb, this plant is part of the Aster (Asteracaea) family which includes plants like chamomile, echinacea and milk thistle. The Aster family is one of the largest plant families and has many culinary and medicinal properties.

How Calendula can help the skin

Calendula is a soothing and gentle herb. It’s been known to help with the healing of wounds as well as soothe any inflammation at the site. It can also reduce the risk of infection thanks to it’s antimicrobial properties.

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Calendula is also great at giving life to the skin. By boosting the natural prodcution of collagen (a key part of healthy skin), it makes for a natural, soothing and nourishing option. Since it is also gentle, like Chamomile, it is safe and can be used by babies, children and adults alike.

How to use Calendula oil

1. On the scalp

For those who suffer from dandruf or itchy scalp, Calendula can help relieve those symptoms due to its anti-fungal effects.

2. On the skin

Calendula is great for diaper rash, dry skin, Eczema and Psoriasis as well as wounds, scars and minor burns.

3. On hair

Want thicker hair? Try Calendula oil! It can help regenrate and heal the scalp and encourage the growth of more hair follicles.

4. As a sunscreen

A 2012 Laboratory study found good SPF properties in Calendula oil as part of a cream. This makes it a good ingredient to add to a homemade suncreen recipe.

Dried Calendula flowers in olive oil in a glass jar with lid to the side and flower petals around the jar

How to make Calendula Infused Oil

For this recipe we are going to use the non heat method. It’s easy, quick on the front end and you can mix the ingredients to let it sit and infuse the oil before you strain it.


1. A clean jar

2. Dried Calendula flowers (like this Organic one)

3. Freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil (the best you can find)


Step 1:

Fill half the jar with dried Calendula flowers. Try to get as much of the entire flower as you can for more concentration.

Step 2:

Fill the jar all the way to the top with the olive oil

Step 3:

Cover with lid and allow to sit for 4 to 6 weeks in a bright spot. Stir with a wooden spoon or shake every once in a while

Step 4:

Strain into a clean jar and discard the flowers.

With this oil you can save to apply it directly to your skin or scalp or add it to homemade creams and salves.


Calendula oil is an easy herbal infusion you can make at home to soothe irritated skin, strengthen hair and regenerate the scalp. Not to mention, it’s low-cost and a natural way to support the body.

How about you? Have you tried Calendula oil?

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