5 Benefits Of Working With a Health Coach

5 Benefits of Working with a Health Coach

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of working with a health coach?

Or have you ever heard the saying “health is wealth”?

Your health is one of the most important assets you have.

Think about it.

Imagine if you found yourself one day suffering from debilitating chronic health conditions that began to affect your day to day life.

What if you currently have a chronic health condition but haven’t done anything about it? Maybe because you can still live life without it being too much of an issue.

It would only be a matter of time before that condition progressed on to affect your day to day life.

Your health truly is your wealth and it deserves your attention.

What are the benefits of working with a health coach?

Most people eat whatever they want but still seem healthy.

Which is probably what you’ve seen around you, right?

People eating foods you know are unhealthy but still don’t gain weight and don’t seem to be heading to the doctor very often.

Well, friend I’ll tell you this: if that person is living an unhealthy lifestyle but isn’t experiencing the logical consequences it’s because he or she had ancestors who took care of their health.

Those healthy choices they made were encoded into their very DNA and passed down to their future generations. Those markers encoded biological data that would make for a healthy, intelligent and beautiful human.

But what if future generations modified thier behaviour and environment? What if they changed their diet and lifestyle to one that was less healthy?

Well their genes would begin to change and result in disease not only in themselves but in their future generations.

This isn’t my opinion, it’s a fact and a field of scientific study also known as epigenetics.

What you eat and the way you live not only affects your body but will affect the health of your children and grandchildren.

Don’t let this deter you. This is exciting new research that now empowers each and everyone of us to take charge of our own health and reap the benefits not just in our own lives but in our future generations.

So why work with a health coach?

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Consider these 5 benefits for working with a health coach

1. A health coach is an educator

Health coaches go through a lot of training to gain a good foundation for their practice. Many, if not most, have had their own transformation journeys towards better health. So they don’t just have knowledge but also come with good experience.

Someone with experience can show you what it looks like when you can take charge of your health and achieve those results.

A health coach will also teach you the fundamentals of living a healthy lifestyle. From nutrtion to exercise to creating a health giving environment, your health coach can teach you what to do to live a healthier life.

He or she will teach about the way your body was designed. What things can give it better health and what aspects are suppressing your health.

You’ll learn about which foods to eat and which to completely stay away from. You’ll learn about why the body needs detoxification and probiotics. What healthy people groups of the past ate and how to incorporate those practices into your lifestyle.

You’ll learn about how nutrition affects your physical state, emotional state and even mental health; just one of the benefits of working with a health coach.

If you want to start your journey towards better health you need to get educated and a health coach can help you get educated.

2. A health coach is a motivator

What better way to spur you on your new found journey than to have someone cheer you on?

Change is never easy but having a friend support you along the way can make or break the new journey.

A health coach can create a new envrionment you might have never thought of. Then you’ll learn how to put that into practice to see those desired outcomes.

Rather than telling you what to do, your health coach will inspire you to come to a new conclusion through your own thinking.

If you want lasting change, you’ll have to come to your own understanding of how and what you need to change. Then your health coach will motivate you to start making those changes.

Lasting change comes from the motivation of wanting to become a healthier person. This is not something someone else can tell you to do or do for you but something each person needs to do on their own.

Motivational coaching encouarages the person to decide for themselves that they need to change and begin to set those goals needed to see results.

3. A health coach will design an action plan

Now you’ve thought of some things you want to change or set some goals for yourself, a health coach will design an action plan to help you start your journey.

Without a plan, it’ll be difficult to achieve your goals. A plan will lay out every step needed to get you from point A to point B.

Let’s say for example your goal is to gain more energy and lose X amount of weight.

Your health coach will design a plan to lead you on your journey to gaining more energy and login weight. You will learn what to eat and what to avoid. What habits to take up and what to try and get rid of. You’ll learn about how to get more energy so that you can live life better.

A plan organizes your goals into steps and gives you a clear direction to meet those goals.

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4. A health coach will walk with you on your path to wellness

Maybe you’re a mum who wants to lose that baby weight or a CEO of a company. Whatever the reason that brought you to a health coach means that you need help.

A health coach can be that support you need as you walk through the plan you made with your coach in the earlier step.

Change isn’t easy, especially lifestyle changes. That’s why having someone walk with you on your road to better health is vital.

People need support and community. Your health coach can be that source of guidance and support to you as you navigate your way towards wellness, ultimately helping you achieve those goals you set.

5. A health coach will provide support after you complete your course

Let’s face it, health is a lifestyle. If you live a certain way now but decide to change some of those habits, you will begin a journey!

Your journey to better health doesn’t end after you’ve achieved some of those goals you initially set. In fact, it’s just begun.

After you work through your plan, you health coach will check in on your progress and see how you’re doing. If there are any new changes that need to be made he or she can suggest that and help you continue along your path.

Accountability is a proven way to ensure success. Your health coach can be your accountability partner, paving the way for your success.

Summing it up

So, what the are the benefits of working with a health coach?

Working with a health coach can be the beginning of a powerful change in your life. Health coaches are known for their ability to help their clients live healthier lives by changing old habits.

You’ll learn about the basics of nutrition and the power real food has on the human body. You’ll learn how to personalize and tailor the right diet for your own body; each person is different.

You’ll be motivated to find and set new goals, then start a journey towards achieving them.

Next your health coach will create an action plan ready to take on those goals. You’ll work through this plan with him or her to start realizing those goals.

Then when you see those pounds fall off, or the debilitating chronic health condition reversed, you’ll have found a new way to living that will ensure your health and wellness.

Even after you complete your plan, your health coach will support you and motivate you to continue your newfound journey to better health.

As the famous Roman poet Virgil best put it:

“The greatest wealth is health.”

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