Easy Potato Hash With Eggs

Fried potatoes with three soft cooked eggs topped with chopped cilantro in a white frying pan

In our home we eat eggs for breakfast every day. I remember growing up and eating cereal out a box with lots of pasteurized milk. If only I knew then about the joy and pleasure of home cooked meals at breakfast time as I do now! I would have been a different child, I’m sure.

One of the reasons I like eggs for breakfast is because they are a nourishing food as well as a frugal protein. A few weeks ago my husband and our 2 children were in Lancaster, England. During our stay we visited a local farm where I picked up a box of their farm fresh eggs straight from their free range chickens. These chickens were free to roam about and were not confined to a small space. They looked healthy and happy to be free and roaming about.


Free range chickens grazing on green grass in a fenced in area of a farm

The next morning, we made those eggs and they were most probably the best eggs I have ever had. The yolk was a deep orange and the flavour wonderful.

Eggs are some of the most nutritious food created by the Lord. They contain almost every essential nutrient we need on a daily basis. For little ones, they are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium which are necessary for optimal growth support.


Potato Hash with Eggs


This breakfast is simple and easy to make on a busy morning. I fry the potatoes in coconut oil because coconut oil is a healthy fat. It is filled with medium chain saturated fats which the body uses for instant energy. Not only that, but it is an anti-inflammatory food.

Personally, since removing unhealthy fats from my kitchen and cooking with healthy ones, I have noticed a change in energy, weight and overall wellness.

This recipe feeds 3.


  • 3 medium potatoes or 6 baby potatoes
  • 2 small cloves of gralic
  • 3 pastured eggs
  • 1 Tbs coconut oil
  • 1 Tbs butter
  • some chopped ciltantro to top


  1. Wash, peel and chop the potatoes (alternatively you could leave the skin on an just chop)
  2. In a large frying pan melt a tablespoon of raw extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil
  3. Add the potatoes and fry on high whilst stirring continuously
  4. Turn the burner down and cover for 5 to 10 minutes
  5. Take the lid off and add the butter around the pan and add in the garlic, finely diced
  6. Stir then cook covered for 5 more minutes
  7. With the stirring spoon make 3 holes around the pan and crack an egg over each one
  8. Add salt and pepper and cover for an addition 5 minutes or until the eggs are done to your liking (we like the yolks half cooked)
  9. Wash and chop your cilantro and sprinkle over pan
  10. Serve immediately

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